Recent Artwork that commemorates Day of the Dead


These are two of my recent paintings that I did for Day of the Dead, celebrated every year on November 2 to give homage to loved ones who have passed away.

The first painting titled, “Vaya con Dios”, is a heartfelt goodbye of a woman blowing a kiss to her beloved. The half-painted face symbolizes the present and past relationship one has to someone who is no longer part of their life. While a departed loved one may no longer be with us physically, their spirit lives on in our memory and consciousness. A friend gave me the rounded top, rough hewn frame that made it a perfect match for the image I painted. The artwork was exhibited at Avenue 50 gallery in Highland Park, CA.

The second painting titled, “Mariachi Amor”, is more of a poster design with some serenading mariachis ascending from a tombstone. They are celebrating and rejoicing as they commemorate a loved one who shared happy times with family and friends when they were in this world. The artwork was exhibited at KGB Studio and gallery in Los Angeles, CA.